Unequal Comparison Adjectives

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Adjectives can be used to compare people, places, or things different in degree. So, if you have a one syllable adjective, you use the suffix “er” or “est“, or the words in front of it, “less” or “least“.

So, say we have the word “new“. And then, we want to make the comparative form of new. We add the suffix “er” to make it “newer“.

And if we’re trying to compare with three or more objects, then we would put “est” as a suffix to make it “newest“. So, that’s the superlative form.

So, say you have one car, and it’s only a month old. You would say you have a new car.

Now, if you have a car that’s one month old and another car that’s two months old, you would say that the one-month-old car is the newer car.

Now, if you have, or you’re dealing with three cars, one’s a month old, one’s two months old, and the other one’s three months old. You’d refer to the car that’s a month old as the newest car.

Now, this is in a positive sense, whichever one is newer.

Now, if we’re looking at this one in the negative sense, we could say the comparative form would be “less new“, and the superlative form would be the “least new“.

So, if you have two cars, again, you would refer to the one that’s two months old, the older car, as being less new.

And you would refer to the oldest car, if you have three or more cars, as being the least new.

Now, if you have a two syllable adjective ending in “y“, you use the suffix “er” or “est“, or you use the words “less” or “least“.

So, say you have the “hungry“.

You’re going to drop the “y“, and change it to “i“, and add “er“. So, change the “y” to “i“, and add “er“, so you get “hungrier“.

It’s similar with the superlative form. You change the “y” to “i“, and add “est” so you have “hungriest“.

So, if you have one person, you would describe them as hungry.

With two people, you would describe one person as being hungrier, or describe the other person as being less hungry.

If you have three or more, you would describe one person as being the hungriest, or you would describe someone as being the least hungry.