How to Pass GED Products

With Our Products, You Can Learn How To Pass the GED Test Super Fast and Track Your Learning Progress.


Decrypting the GED Premium Course

This is actually a very replicable system for passing the GED Test. It’s easy for you to apply and get the results. And you can do so in a relatively short time

  • Test-Taking Strategies {Cherry Picking, High Impact Indicators, Educated Guessing}
  • Time Management Strategies {The GED Test Game Plan}
  • Progress Tracking {Get points for every activity}
  • 360 GED Video Lessons {4 GED subjects} with mini-quizzes
  • Practice Tests including subject-focused, timed, and mini-quizzes
  • GED Study Plans {30 days, 3 months, 6 months)
  • GED Motivation & Productivity {Cognitive Science, Goals Setting, Pomodoro}
  • GED Adviser consultations

Motivation, Productivity, and 3 GED Study Plans

This course includes 3 modules that explain how to maintain your motivation, how to set up your productivity and how to plan your GED test. It includes 3 study plans: 30-day, 90-day and 6 months.

This is the ultimate, simple solution to avoid getting overwhelmed as you prepare for the GED test and to help you set up your Game Plan. This will keep you organized & on track.

It is available for download and printable. This course has been successfully used by many students for adjusting their learning process and use it “how it is”.