GED Practice Tests With Timer

Timed practice tests to get all set for your approaching GED® test are superb. Because the four sub-tests are timed, you should train how to increase your speed. Take some timed practice tests and learn how to manage your time effectively.

Our sample tests require no registration and no payment. The questions are organized in 4 categories: Math, Literacy, Social Studies and Science. Your score is immediately displayed at the end of the quiz.

Once you have finished the quiz, you will be presented with a score report that includes a complete explanation of the correct answer.

Tips for preparing for the GED test

Some people say that the best (and maybe easiest) way to prepare properly is attending a GED prep class close to you. These classes are often available at no charge, and found all over the country. Find a GED prep class near you here.

Some GED questions are still multiple choice, but most have disappeared in favor of essay-style answers. It is not difficult to practice this sort of tests, and you can easily discover how to come up with the right answers. This will boost your confidence and improve your test scores. When you don’t know an answer at the test, don’t panic. Just remember the strategy you discovered in your GED class.


By the time you are well prepared, file your application to take a GED test through the website. Beware that the GED test is NOT offered online. You must appear in person at an official GED testing site.

When you have successfully completed the four GED sub-tests (within a period of two years) you will obtain your High School Equivalency diploma. This document is nationwide regarded and accepted as comparable to a common high school diploma. As said, you can now take one of the four GED tests (‘modules’) at a time. You have to complete the four tests within two years.

The 2014 Series of the GED test required a minimum score of 150 on each test on a scale 100 to 200. As research showed that this was too high in relation to what knowledge may be expected of high school graduates, this was lowered to 145 in January 2016. More information is available here.

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