Preparing for The GED Test with Covcell

Covcell offers practical prep courses for students who want to pass the GED test. Our Decrypting the GED course provides you with easy to follow, yet unique strategies, video lessons, and practice tests so you can prepare for the GED® Test in a smart way and visibly increase your chances to pass the GED Test.

We also offer free GED online classes, these classes are a perfect way to start your GED preparation. And if you would you like to check your knowledge, we  invite you to take one of our practice tests.

Covcell Benefits

Control Your Future. Taking online classes is an affordable way to take control of your future. The GED® Diploma can be yours within a few months.

Master New Skills. Improve your learning skills with free tips and advice from our instructors. Stay motivated to prepare for the test.

Learning On The Go. Our fully mobile responsive site is designed for learning on the go.


You Deserve Your GED Diploma

Getting a High School Equivalency Diploma (GED®)  opens doors to many new possibilities that are otherwise not available to people who didn’t have a chance to get their High School diploma. Many people are afraid to take the Test or just fail to pass even if they spent many hours learning for the exam. So to help you and we offer a broad range of tools.

Our process, backed by the latest learning science, helps you discover your potential. It works like magic! You can validate your knowledge and develop the confidence to pursue your goals. Covcell’s online classes make use of innovative learning strategies that guarantee to close skill and knowledge gaps quickly. This learning method uses best practices such as interleaving (mixing several related skills together) and repetition to help your brain learn faster. It’s never too late to get your High School Equivalency diploma.

“It was a great experience to work with online lessons that are full of strategies that can’t be found anywhere else.” Sarah H.- GED Diploma Holder