Decrypting the GED- Pro

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160 Strategies, 320 Lessons & 100 Practice Tests 4 Sucjects

Decrypting the GED from Covcell is a practical, comprehensive course that enables you to develop a strategic approach to passing the GED® Test. You can validate your knowledge and develop the confidence to pursue your goals.

It Includes 320 lessons in all 4 subjects,160 Strategies for Time Management, Educated Guessing and Most Important Learning Contents.You will also find here Motivation Plans and 100 Practice Tests 4 subjects

What is Decrypting the GED all about

Decrypting The GED Course FAQ

  • How long is the course? The length of the course is up to you, with three study plans you can decide what plan to choose
  • How long does it take? You decide how much time you want to dedicate to learning for The GED Test. You can be ready in a month or a year.
  • What is the difference between free and paid GED course? The paid version of the Decrypting The GED Course contains 155 Strategies, 315 Lessons, and 87 Practice Tests. The free version has no strategies, 25 video lessons, and 12 practice tests. Both versions allow you to track your learning progress.
  • Why should I invest in the Decrypting The GED Course? It’s an investment in your future. If you don’t want to waste your time and look for the most effective GED prep, Decrypting The GED is a good choice.
  • Can I buy a course only for one GED subject test? Sure. You can buy just one subject and buy the next one if you need it. We call it Plus Plan.
  • What is included in one subject test prep? Every subject course includes strategies related to this subject, video lessons and practice tests. As a bonus, you will also receive motivation and study plans.
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What Students Say

“Decrypting The GED is a one-of-a-kind course. It really is a refreshing approach compared with other GED prep courses. The video lessons are clear and to the point, and the practice tests helped me a lot. Things became understandable as everything was explained very well. What’s very nice is that you can track your progress while you’re learning towards one of the GED tests. This was money well-spent!” Michael F.

“I quit high school young to have my daughter. She’s four now, and I decided to finish my secondary degree to get a better life for us. I started out on my own but soon found out that I couldn’t stay focused. Then I discovered the Decrypting The GED course which helped me succeed. It was a great experience to work with online lessons that are full of strategies that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s an encouraging experience and I’m happy to be optimally prepared to take my GED Science test in just a few weeks!” Sarah P.

“Using Decrypting The GED was a great help to earn my GED fast! I tried other sites before, some for free, some paid, but I was never motivated to finish the courses. So I ended up giving up learning. What I like best is that you organize the video lessons in a nice and understandable way. This made learning easy and a pleasure. Thanks for the good work. You guys make an awesome program!” Tosh K.

Decrypting the GED- Pro includes these courses

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GED RLA Strategies
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GED Science Strategies
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GED Social Studies Strategies
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GED Motivation Strategies
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GED Math Prep
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